Designed2bMine is the one-of-a-kind Couples Connection Course helping Christian spouses overcome obstacles, increase intimacy, and create meaningful moments.

Before I tell you what this course is about, let me tell you who it's for...

You're a Christian spouse or couple whose marriage is struggling due to poor communication and conflict resolution. You want to connect better, go deeper, honor God, and love well. 

Whether you're a...

  • A Christian couple who wants to try something new to grow together
  • A Christian couple thinking about counseling but not sure you're ready for that step
  • A Christian couple in counseling and want to supplement your counseling
  • A Christian husband or wife who wants to grow personally for their marriage
  • A husband, wife or couple who may not be Christian, but are willing to make progress in their marriage through Biblical wisdom

You're in the right place and I'm going to tell you how "Designed2bMine" will give you the tools, inspiration, and wisdom to restore and refresh your marriage!

"Our communication has improved. We have improved our prayer life and are doing daily devotions together. We are learning to put our marriage under God. Thank you!"

- D2BM Recipient

"The things I take away leaves me with greater Godly wisdom and helps me reset my perspective when I need it."

- Former Client

"As a result of this course, we are talking and praying through situations. We are gaining a better understanding of our spouse's needs."

- D2bM Recipient

In The Next Few Months, You Could...

  • Communicate better, deeper, and with grace
  • Resolve conflicts more naturally and with respect
  • Understand one another and appreciate your strengths and differences
  • Become more connected to your spouse (& God) than ever before!

The right amount of effort with the right heart submitting to a Righteous God will bring a right relationship!

What's Included In Designed2bMine?



Intimacy Begins at the Heart

We'll first explore God's design and goal for your marriage and intimacy, and we'll map out the path to Restore and Refresh your marriage.

We'll set you up for success by making some key decisions with the end goal of helping you achieve TOTAL clarity about where you're going and HOW you're going to get there.

Finally, you're going to start your journey towards greater intimacy with your spouse by identifying your greatest obstacle(s) to intimacy and take the first step to overcome them. You'll search your heart and set goals for yourself and your relationship for excellent results.

In this first module, we'll focus on where problems and change always begin - with the heart. At the end, you'll be able to:

  • Define & Setting Your Goal of Intimacy
  • Identify Your Greatest Obstacles of Intimacy & Begin to Overcome Them
  • Understand the Importance of the Heart in Intimacy
  • Discover the Key Motives of Your Heart
  • Take the First Steps to Restore & Refresh Your Marriage


Understanding God-Given Differences

We'll explore how our being created in God's image means we reflect him in how we process information, perceive events, and prioritize various aspects of life and relationships. 

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT! Because I will help you understand how your differences impact your communication and conflicts, and you will get clarity about yourself, your spouse, and the steps to take towards a greater intimacy! 

Additionally, this module includes a unique "Designed2bMine" personality quiz inspired through biblical insights and over 20 years of counseling couples. 

In the second module, we'll focus on how we reflect God's image in how we think, act, and feel. At the end, you'll be able to:

  • Understand How God Has Created You and Your Spouse Differently
  • Take my unique Designed2bMine Personality Profile
  • Recognize Key Disagreement Areas and Why They Occur
  • Understand Your Spouse's Heart Better
  • Lay a Foundation for Better Communication and Resolving Conflicts



Nearly every couple struggles with their communication. Whether miscommunications, misinterpretations, not talking enough, not talking deeply enough, anger, disrespect, unkind words, or the like, we all have some improvement that is needed in this area.

We'll start off by looking at the different communication struggles that are common in marriages and you'll identify and make a plan to overcome your communication struggles.

Next, we'll get you "set" for growth with the four (4) most important foundational steps needed to communicate well: HEARTset, MINDset, EARset (yes, I made that up!), and SKILLset. 

With our 4 Levels of Communication graph, you'll be able to identify the level of communication you and your spouse are at and how you can connect at a deeper level.

Finally, you'll set personal goals to improve your communication and implement this plan in your marriage. At the end of this module, you'll be able to:

  • Define & Set Your Goals for Improving Your Communication
  • Identify Your Greatest Obstacles in Communication & Begin to Overcome Them Individually and as a Couple
  • Build a Deeper Connection Through the Practice & Implementation of the Communication Challenges


Conflict Resolution

Conflict is inevitable and necessary. But how you handle conflict will change the relationship for the better, or for the worse.

Nobody (sane) really likes conflict, but where two or more sinners gather, it's gonna happen. The great thing about conflict is that when we handle it well, it can strengthen the relationship. 

This Module will help you understand your Conflict Resolution Style and take biblical steps to resolve conflicts quicker and with less painful and negative actions. 

Additionally, this module includes steps to take for forgiveness and how to build a stronger connection together and with the Lord through couples' prayerBy the end of the fourth module, you'll be able to:

  • Identify Your Conflict Resolution Style and Create A New Biblically-Based Path To Resolving Conflicts 
  • Turn Your Quick Reactions into Thoughtful Responses
  • Learn the 7 Do's and Don'ts of Conflict
  • Begin to Overcome Bitterness Through Forgiveness
  • Take Steps to Build Your Marriage Prayer Life Together


Sexual Intimacy

We can't discuss developing intimacy in marriage without addressing your sexual intimacy. Your sexual relationship is a direct reflection of many other areas in your relationship.

This module begins with a Quick(ie) Theology of Sex where I'll give a brief overview of how God has designed your sexual relationship with one another (Hint: It's for pleasure!).

Next, we'll look at some common obstacles to a healthy and vibrant sexual relationship. You'll be able to identify which obstacles are in your way and make some steps to overcome them together.

Finally, as we look at the most common "sex questions" Christian couples ask, you'll take some active steps to improve your sexual relationship with your spouse and move towards the marriage you've always wanted! At the end of this final module, you'll be able to:

  • Identify Your Obstacles to a Great Sexual Relationship & Set Your Goals for Improving Your Sex Life
  • Better Understand God's Design for Your Sexual Relationship
  • Learn and Incorporate Your God-Given Sexual Freedom Rights into Your Relationship

  • Make a Sexual "Game Plan" with Your Spouse to Communicate and Improve Your Sexual Relationship on a Regular Basis


Still Thinking about it?

You ought to give Designed2bMine a 10-Day Risk-Free Trial if you're motivated by any of the following...

  • You want to honor Christ better in your marriage
  • You wish to prevent your marriage from becoming disconnected
  • The intimacy you once felt has diminished and you need a Marriage "Refresh" or "Boost"
  • Conflicts have caused hurt and you need a better way to resolve them
  • You don't want to repeat the same broken patterns that have yielded the same broken results
  • You truly want to become the couple you were designed by God to be!

That's why you're motivated to invest the next 5 weeks for the next 5, 15, or even 50 years of your marriage! Don't wait!



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