Designed2bONE was created to help Christian Couples connect better sexually by encouraging grace-filled communication, increasing knowledge both biblically & physically, and apply strategies to overcome common obstacles.

Designed2bONE is for you if...

You're a Christian spouse or couple whose sexual relationship can use some additional attention.  You want to connect better, go deeper, honor God, and love well. 

Whether you're a...

  • A Christian couple who wants to try something new to grow together sexually
  • A Christian couple thinking about seeing a sex therapist but not sure you're ready for that step
  • A Christian couple in counseling and want to supplement your counseling
  • A Christian husband or wife who wants to grow personally for their marriage
  • A husband, wife or couple who may not be Christian, but are willing to make progress in their marriage through Biblical wisdom

You're in the right place and I'm going to tell you how "Designed2bONE" will help spice up your physical intimacy!

"The things I take away leaves me with greater Godly wisdom and helps me reset my perspective when I need it."

- Former Client

"I can safely say our marriage was saved by Fred's willingness to say and do the hard things right alongside us."

- Former Client

"We appreciate all Fred has done for us in our marriage. We were nearing divorce, but now we are closer together and closer to Christ."

- Former Client

In The Next Few Months, You Could...

  • Grow deeper in emotional & physical intimacy
  • Have more FUN in the bedroom
  • Better understand yourself, and your spouse sexually
  • Become more connected to your spouse (& God) than ever before!

The right amount of effort with the right heart submitting to a Righteous God will bring a right sexual relationship!

Here's What's Inside...



Still Thinking about it?

You ought to give Designed2bONE a try if you're motivated by any of the following...

  • You wish to improve your sexual relationship
  • The intimacy you once felt has diminished and you need a Bedroom "Boost"
  • Bedroom differences have caused hurt and you need a better way to resolve them
  • You don't want to repeat the same broken patterns that have yielded the same broken results
  • You truly want to become the couple you were designed by God to be!

That's why you're motivated to invest the next week or so into your sexual relationship! Don't wait!



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